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CryoGen is upending the BSC Market with leading innovation and ideas that are on track
to change the way the masses view decentralization.

Our utilities are growing fast this year. So far we have CryoWeb complete and LIVE, CryoSafe coding is being worked on AND Cryptok has started development phase I and we have released several limited edition NFT's as airdrops for loyal holders.



An Inheritance dApp that allows holders to designate a portion of their holdings to an "heir" wallet should that time arise. A custom Good-Bye audio or video clip can also be added as an NFT that will send to their heir wallet at the same time as the inheritance. Say your final good-byes and make sure your crypto lives on.


A fully featured site to allow the creation of profiles for lost loved ones. To include commissioning our NFT artists to make unique "In Memoriam" NFT's. Users will also soon be able to purchase upgrade features like sending flower packs on their loved ones birthdays.
Open CryoWeb


A decentralized version of the social video sharing app of similar name that everyone loves. But without the censorship! Influencers can go live and get tipped & Tokens will be Vetted by the Cryogen Team before they can start posting!


From rare characters to passed celebrities to anything you could want. In partnership with SmartNFTs we have you covered. NFT Marketplace coming Q1 2022. Currently SmartTokens also creates & mints CryoWebs "In Memoriam" NFT's.


Rewards are better than Reflections

Reflections are damaging to a tokens price. Holders receiving them are inclined to sell them which brings the price down.
CryoGen does not give reflections in OUR token. We give REWARDS in $Cake HOURLY.
This way you can passively earn and even sell in another token and doing so will not affect the price of CryoGen.
The more CryoGen you hold the larger your $Cake rewards!

  • You MUST hold atleast 200 billion to receive $CAKE rewards

  • 4% back in $Cake Rewards (hourly to your wallet depending on volume)
  • 9% straight to locked liquidity
  • 2% marketing/future development paid to us in $CAKE so we dont have to sell our own token to market!!